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This is a testimony of someone who has faced insurmountable battles in their life. A true story of redemption and that you are never too lost. Frtio was the very first person we have had the pleasure of assisting. He came from the streets at an early age and it was not log before drugs claimed his attention. He took the first step by admitting he needed help and needed to step away from his past life. He spent better part of an entire summer isolating himself from his friends. He did this by pitching a tent at Ripley Memorial Baptist Church here in Mount Pleasant. Many people labored by making sure he had plenty to eat, drink, and wear. Frito is the main star and desperately wanted change and now he is currently attending NTCC. He has dreams and aspirations to help those he knew and those he is getting to know. He is now sober and has left that life in the dust and works for Rhute Haven Homeless Resource Center. I cannot brag enough about this kind, gentle and wise man.



This man came to us in  December of 2020 soon after Rhute opened at 106 South Miller ave. he needed to get to Florida for a VA hearing to establish himself a place to live and was travelling form Nebraska. He served our country in Vietnam and developed PTSD from this servitude. He is unable to ride in buses or cars with many people as it causes him to relive trauma. His wife passed away five years ago. His mission was to walk to Florida. We do not know if he completed his mission but we know that when knocked on our door we fed him, clothed him and brewed a hot cup of coffee which he took black. When he left, he took with him a few bags and what he left were memories of a sweet man trying to make his way in the world as best he could.


Jesse Justiss

Jesse Justiss was a man who lived on the streets of MP for a while. He battled with addiction, mental illness and did his very best to do right. One night he was sleeping behind the dumpster as it was cold and the dumpster provided a break from the cold wind. A garbage truck came along to collect the trash and this was way before the sun came up. Jesse was crushed by the weight of the dumpster as it was returned to the ground. Our hearts break as this tragedy hits close to home for our street friends. The first time I met Jesse we were serving tacos on the square, this was long before Rhute had a place or a way to help other than tacos. He had a mild and caring disposition and as we talked I could see there was so much more to this man than meets the eye. I wish we had more time to help him but we can move forward and help as many as we can.

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This lady came to us at the tale end of what we have affectionately called "the Snow-apocalypse". She came to us 8 months pregnant and addicted to meth. The Staff at Rhute fed her tacos and was discussing how she has lost 5 of her children to CPS and will lose the 6th as she did not qualify for services anymore. Two staff members had adopted a child before and when street momma asked if they would do it again. They said if the Lord provides then yes. Within 24 hrs all the funding was available due to God's provision through the community. Street momma was so relieved. Throughout the next month she had spent with our staff and when the baby was born both mom and baby tested clean for drugs and the sweet baby girl had no health problems. Now Street Momma is working and trying to earn her GED. This momma is doing the best she can and is making strides and wse encourage her as often as we can.


Street view 

This man came to us in the summer of 2021 and needed help with food, clothing and housing. He spent some time exploring options then asked if we could help him get into rehab. He was accepted and spent time there and after he was released he had a plan to go to Dallas and now he is in affordable housing and is doing well. This man would do so many sweet things to help others. One time he spent some of his own money to buy fruit for the staff children that were hanging around. This man is a testament that the street view has beauty throughout if you take the time to admire it. 


Weary Traveler

Some people we only meet for a brief period and for this man we only had 6 hours. What can you really accomplish in 6 hours. Well we got a greyhound ticket back home. We provided a shower, clothes, food and some snacks and water for the trip. While we waited he slept however, when he awoke we talked. He mentioned the places he went and jobs he had over the years. It was fascinating how someone that can go unseen and overlooked by the majority of society have such rich and deep stories to tell. He finished with memories of growing up in south Louisiana. He left shortly after and we have not seen or heard of him since.  We pray the Lord bless him and keep him, that He make His countenance shine upon this weary traveler.  

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