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Meal Sign-Up

Our weekly Meal is one of the primary ways we get to know men and women on the streets of Mount Pleasant, Texas. Ww will serve each week regardless of holidays and weather conditions. We're always looking for families, churches, small groups, teams, and businesses, to provide a meal each week. If you would like to provide a weekly meal or fund a meal please click below.

Flipping The Table

Volunteer Opportunity!
Partner with us to feed the hungry. We are so blessed to receive an abundance of ingredients to help us serve our street friends warm meals. Rhute family, We Need YOU! We are asking volunteers who are willing to join our new program, Flip The Table. The purpose of this program is to feed the hungry. We want to feed whoever is in need of meal. We are asking YOU, volunteers to come to our grateful haven, pick up ingredients and prepare meals for our street friends. Join us in loving our neighbors through meals made with love. 
Thank you!

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